I was recommended by a friend who I have known for over twenty years, and my wife and I have been really impressed with your handling of our accounts. May we thank your company, and especially the team that handled our affairs, Mitch, Lorraine and Steven. You guys looked after us with kindness, together with a prompt service. This takes us back a bit, as you simply don’t get service and attention these days, unfortunately. We are all ready to complain about things but not so forward in praising when things are correct. Again, thank you for your help and advice.

John Scrivener

As a new start-up in the notoriously challenging fashion industry, we feel incredibly lucky to have Selen as our Accounts Manager at Nordens. She is knowledgeable with respect to a wide range of business and accounting matters and we particularly appreciate her responsiveness and practical advice. Whenever our company faces complex issues or encounters a bump in the road, we know we can depend on Selen for creative solutions, support and encouragement!

Sannu ShresthaDirectorVerv London Limited

Selen is a great accountant.  She is notable for her approachability, helpfulness, efficiency, reliability  and willingness to explain things clearly and simply in layman’s terms whenever needed. What a refreshing lack of condescension and jargon! We are a small company and have appreciated being treated with the same degree of seriousness, care and responsiveness as we imagine a larger company might be. We always know that if we want a quick response to a problem, Selen can be counted on to deal with it with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss.

Sandra SimpsonDirectorLoud Cat Productions Limited

I would like to express my thanks to all concerned over the past 4/5 years, Yiota, Sophia, Ben and during my last interaction with Nordens, Ali Ahmet, for outstanding professionalism, expertise and customer service in dealing with my affairs. Please pass on my best wishes to all.

Lambros MalekidesDirectorAnthos Limited

As a young and growing business there is a lot to focus as you try to build a successful company, striving to enhance lives of our staff, clients and their businesses.

Managing the business is an evolutionary learning experience, but when it comes to finance andstrategic business planning, it is important to take the advice from real experts who understand and that care about your challenges.

The Nordens team are helpful, inquisitive and focused on delivery outstanding service. More recently we opened a new division which involved some complex accounting procedures. Kirsty Willis could see that I was struggling with the process, it is was distracting me from my day-to-day work and immediately arranged for me to meet her. She spent time to configure my accounting system, answered my questions and then explained in plain language how to manage the process going forward. Her calm, professional and diligent manner enables you to push ahead and gives me the confidence that I have accounting professionals that are in partnership with my company.

Thank you Kirsty for your help and the rest of the Nordens team.

Lloyd RosenthalManaging PartnerJenson Fisher

I remember when I met Mark. I was four months into starting the brand and had no idea about accounting and how to keep my books in order. He was kind, knowledgeable and made me feel like I could just focus on the business, and he and the team would take care of my accounts for me. Since then, Nordens have continually supported me through the toughest years of business. Having a positive and encouraging firm like Nordens backing you really boosts morale for any startup and entrepreneur. I’d like to thank Sam and Joe for personally being at the other end of the phone and always willing to help.

Clare Anyiam-Osigwe B.E.M.DirectorPremae

Thank you very much for the great work that you have all done for me over the last few months! All that I can say is that I wish that I had been a client of yours a few years ago as you have clearly made a difference to my business and my personal well-being.

Craig GrayDirectorT-Bag Designs UK Limited

The whole team at Nordons go out of their way to give exceptional service. I am a creative mind so such things as accounting and VAT is not my strongest area. The team always make me feel looked after and supported. Special Mentions to Maria, Panayiota, Sam and of course Mitch for always helping me – you really are all incredible! I cannot recommend Nordens enough. Thank you, thank you – you are amazing – thank you for all your help!!

Claire FishendenIndependent ConsultantThink You Can Limited

Just wanted to say thank you to Paula for your excellent presentation at the Principal Training Course. It was very accessible, lots of fun, and really informative. The way you presented was prefect for creative people in terms of getting them engaged. Please do pass on my thanks to the team, and also let Henry know that I was very impressed… He may have missed his vocation as a performer. Thanks!

Adam DavenportCreative DirectorPauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts

Kirsty has done an amazing job to ensure all of my VAT accounts are up to date. Like most I have a busy schedule so I am not always available when needed however Kirsty always makes sure she follows up which makes the whole process a lot easier.  I would recommend Kirsty’s services to my colleagues, she is knowledgeable, calm and patient which I believe are great attributes to have when working in this environment.  Thank you once again Kirsty I appreciate your hard work.

Eleshia HarrisDirectorElf London Limited

I run a small consultancy business, with the help of Kirsty Willis at Nordens I know that my Vat will be calculated as soon as I provide her with the relevant  information.

She is always on the end of the phone if I need her and helpfully sends her gentle reminders to keep me up to date . Would certainly recommend Kirsty to any potential clients.

Daniel BrowerDirector

As a business analyst contractor with over 10 years’ experience in the game I’m used to being approached from accountants saying that they could enhance my earnings by whatever percent or alleviate the paper work and bureaucracy that u have when dealing with the HMRC.

I normally ignored all of them. Not Nordens though.

I’m not sure if it was the professional manner of their first approach, the simplistic manner they explained complex tax strategies to me or the immediate camaraderie I struck up with my account manager….but I knew this was a firm I could trust and develop a relationship with.

Needless to say after 2 years my gut feeling was correct.

Tax advice is exceptional, they don’t complicate matters, tell u what u need to do when u need to do it and have an excellent front line account management service where they take their time to understand and know u personally.

Would I recommend them??….already have!!

Mark WhitfieldDirectorGIM Consulting Limited

Sophia, You and your team have provided me with amazing help and support ever since I switched my accountants. The kind of personal attention I have received and the pace of delivery has been a wonderful experience. Whether it was ad hoc requests for documents and accounts or the regular Tax filings for various taxes, you and your team have always provided an almost unbelievable turn around. I have had a fulfilling and very satisfying experience always. You have even gone out of your way, especially for filing my personal taxes, which were messed up by my previous accountants, and sorted things out with HMRC by taking my case personally with them, that too when there was no documentation available or provided by my previous accountants. You have surpassed my expectations and have provided unbelievable support. My Corporation Tax filings were also turned around in very short span of time, and I have been very satisfied with all the documentation I have received from you and Nordens in general. The ease of access to you and your team is really commendable, and it is very assuring to know that you are just a phone call away, add to that the confidence that things will be sorted out. What else can I say, I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend Nordens to anyone who needs accounting services, and especially to those who are as messy as me and struggle to find time/keep pace with all the filings and documentation they need to make for keeping their business running. Once again, thank you for all your help and support.

Deepak KumarDirectorAmsar Limited

I have always found Sophia and Nordens to be very helpful. In the last couple of years, I became a limited company and the guidance and information they provided to make the transition from self-assessment to limited resulted in a smooth process without any problems or stress. I would highly recommend Nordens to anyone looking for a professional accountantancy firm. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them!

Michelle SmithDirectorMK PR Consulting Limited

I setup my business just over a year ago, a friend recommended Nordens and I have to say that I have not been disappointed. The staff are friendly and very helpful at the point of access, my questions and queries are resolved first time. A special thanks to Sophia who has been a great account manager, she keeps things simple and to the point and that’s what I like.

Changez KhanDirectorChangez Khan Consulting Limited

Sophia is very approachable and dependable on every accounting aspect with regards to setting up my business efficiently. Every question, regardless how simple or complex, is answered with accuracy and conviction. As a 1st time contractor it can daunting to get everything setup from scratch. Sophia has been a great help in the whole contracting process which has made dealing with her and the rest of the Nordens team an easy and fluid process.

Imran QureshiDirectorRoundtrip Limited

In preparation for the upcoming end of financial year, I met with Sophia Fitsou today and she walked me through how my company accounts would work in relation to tax, divide nds, trusts, etc. I am thoroughly impressed with her knowledge and understanding and I feel very comfortable knowing that Sophia and her colleagues are handling my company and personal affairs. You have a very good member of your team there Mark! Thanks again!

Darren HoltDirectorDB & H Estimating Limited

Kirsty… we love you!!!

Patrick MitchellCEOSmooth You

When Henry (Engelsman) said they were amalganting with Nordens  I must admit I was worried that we would not receive the same personal, friendly and totally professional service.  I could not have been more wrong.  Nordens are marvellous, still receive the same friendly personal service, are always on the ball.  I was told I owed outstanding VAT, but Kirsty sorted this and I received a Nil balanc! Thanks Kirsty and  thanks to Ann who does our salaries each month, nothing is too much bother for her. Thanks Ann, and of course Henry who still has time to take my phone calls, thanks Henry, I could go on so I will just say Thanks everyone at Nordens!

Jennifer WolfeDirectorPots of Fun

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for assigning James and Amelia to work on my 2014/2015 company accounts. James proactively chased for all the paperwork in advance which served as a great reminder to me and I was pleased with the proactive approach. It all went extremely smoothly and they have been very helpful and kept me informed at all times. For the first time ever I had no comments or queries on my company accounts – this never happened before! One question I had on my personal return was answered very swiftly and in a very informative way which gave me a lot of comfort. Please praise James and Amelia on my behalf because their efforts deserve to be appreciated.

Alina KorczykFinancial Crime Advisory

You and your team have provided me with amazing help and support ever since I switched my accountants. The kind of personal attention I have received and the pace of delivery has been a wonderful experience.

Whether it was ad hoc requests for documents and accounts (for Visa application letters or other personal reasons) or the regular Tax filings for various taxes (personal/corporation/VAT) you and your team have always provided an almost unbelievable turn around. I have had a fulfilling and very satisfying experience always. You have even gone out of your way, especially for filing my personal taxes, which were messed up by my previous accountants, and sorted things out with HMRC by taking my case personally with them, that too when there was no documentation available or provided by my previous accountants. You have surpassed my expectations and have provided unbelievable support.

My Corporation Tax filings were also turned around in very short span of time, and I have been very satisfied with all the documentation I have received from you and Nordens in general. The ease of access to you and your team is really commendable, and it is very assuring to know that you are just a phone call away, add to that the confidence that things will be sorted out.

What else can I say, I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend Nordens to anyone who needs accounting services, and especially to those who are as messy as me and struggle to find time/keep pace with all the filings and documentation they need to make for keeping their business running.

Once again, thank you for all your help and support.

Deepak KumarDirectorAMSAR Limited

Thank you for all you help, i wouldn’t of been able to get my head around it if it wasn’t for you putting in all you time sorting through my paperwork. I’m very happy with all the service you have provided and advice.

Reece SherwoodSalesLC Rotary

Thanks Ann & Jane for providing an efficient and professional payroll service. I know I can always count on you for helping me with any payroll queries and keeping me up-to-date with the latest tax guidance.  I am more than happy to recommend you both to any potential clients.

PremilaPremier One Consulting

Many thanks for the efficient & friendly way you handled my accounts, I would recommend you and Nordens to any potential clients.

Lance Mumford

Nordens Accountants are helpful, clear, concise and extremely professional!! I cannot imagine doing business with any other firm.

David SuauDirectorDuechord

It is easy to say how efficient Ben is – and polite with the work!  I appreciate the speed of his responses and I am only too pleased  to recommend Ben and his services – (and have done)!

Alan GrahamDirectorRelativity Consulting Limited

I am in LOVE with my accountants. I know this is something that a lot of people would never say but I am seriously so grateful to have discovered Nordens!

Nordens have been my accountants since 2010 they have seen me through 3 business and supported me through the ebbs and flows of all of them. As a “creative” person I HATE and massively AVOID the numbers stuff so thank goodness for Mitch Hahn, Sam Moss and Kirsty Willis… Who personally look after me. They will call me, whatsapp me and email me on a daily basis if needed to remind me that I need to send them x,y,z and in typical Nicola style it takes months for me to get around to do it.

They never ever get annoyed at me when I call to ask the same question over and over again… “Can you explain the VAT thing one more time?” They never get irritated or short tempered, in fact they embrace my creative mind and explain things in a way I will understand. They talk in MY language and have the patience of a saint.

Nordens isn’t like any other “stuffy” accountancy firm, when you go into their office it’s like Apple head office, with quotes, a “dream” room and lots of smiling faces. It’s testament to their quality in that over half of the top income earners in Arbonne UK now do their accounts with them. I can’t recommend them highly enough and I know that with my fast growing business, they will be next to be, by my side all the way to the top.

Nicola WillsDirectorGirlsroc Limited and Wills Sister Property Limited

I am always happy with the service Nordens provides.  Claire, who handled my accounts, was efficient and answered all my questions quickly.  My tax return is always completed within plenty of time.

Quality work and friendliness is why Firetex chose to work with Nordens. It just felt right. You are organized and very easy to work with. The whole experience is great and we are very happy with our new accounting services from Nordens. Your best qualities are enthusiasm, friendliness, professionalism and quality of work. I would go so far to say you set a benchmark in customer support that other companies could learn a lot from.

Andy RockoBusiness Development DirectorFiretex Limited

Since joining Nordens a year ago we’ve been blown away by the brilliant service provided by Joe and his team.  They’ve helped us to get our books in order and move the business forward efficiently and seamlessly.

Simon CushingDirectorVivid Finishes Ltd

This is the only accountancy company I have ever dealt with, and will be the only one I ever want to deal with. Their staff are extremely friendly and helpful, in particular Mitch, who always makes time. Every question I ever have is answered efficiently, and it is a pleasure dealing with the staff at Nordens. Thank you all very much!

Avi MyersDirectorM&W Media ltd

Jane Gilbert has been my payroll manager for over two years now and she has been by far the best at payroll I have ever had in over thirty years of trading. Now let me tell why. Jane always gets back to me on a query by phone or email. She is very helpful and understanding in the way I run my three businesses. Problems I have are solved extremely quickly and anything I ask of Jane is dealt with so I have no need to worry. I get plenty of notice each month without fail for when I should pay my Paye. When I occasionally turn up at Nordens unannounced there is always a big smile and a friendly welcome from Jane. Jane is very professional in her job and I have never needed to worry about her ability in helping me. There is no doubt in mind that I would always recommend Jane to any future Nordens clients who need a brilliant payroll manager. Thank you for making my payroll run smoothly and efficiently.

Stephen PerryManaging DirectorDynasty Jewels

You are an amazing, talented bunch of people and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me in 2015.  Much love, and wishing you as a company every success in 2016.

Louise BenbowDirectorBow Limits Limited

In the short space of time that I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Maria, she has made me feel that she has been looking after my company’s VAT affairs all my working career.  Very thorough in her work, approachable and responsive providing clear answers to any related professional question.

Andre Le HelliduDirectorDRE Group

Working with Mark Norden has been a great experience; Nordens have managed our accounts over the last 15 years, helping us grow as a business. After being disappointed and frustrated with others attempting to support us, I was thrilled with the ease, efficiency and professionalism that Nordens has provided.  They are the best – hands down!

Andrew DavidsonDirectorProperty on the Move

I am pleased to say we have been extremely happy with Ann Jarman’s work over the years, she is always efficient and helpful!

Peter HelmanDirectorJaffalight Limited

Svetla – have a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year!  I can enjoy it as I have Nordens watching my back!!

Panayiota – you are an angel!!

Peter FarrellyDirectorJCLS Technical Services Limited

As a professional actor of more than 25 years, I have worked extensively across all mediums of the industry, it is vitally important therefore that I have an accountant that understands all aspects of my income and expenditure.

This has been very much the case with Pooja at Nordens. The diligence and precision with which pooja has conducted herself in our work together has been invaluable to me and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone seeking the services of a professional accountant.

Joplin SibtainActor

Panayiota – You’re just a sweetheart !!!  Thanks a lot…

Sreekumar NairDirectorAX Contracting Limited

We changed our accountants to Nordens this year and can honestly say our experience with everyone at Nordens has been fantastic;  professional, friendly and caring! I would particularly like to thank Kirsty, who has the patience of a saint! Her support, speed, and efficiency when dealing with our (quite complicated!) issues with HMRC and VAT returns has certainly made my life easier! I know If I have any questions or queries I can count on Kirsty to resolve it for us! She will not stop fighting for us until we get the results we want! We are extremely appreciative for all her hard work and look forward to working together for many more years – thank you!!

Katie ShemeshManaging DirectorSmooth You

I have been with Nordens for several years now. Throughout this time I’ve had nothing but great things to say about all the staff. From Yiota and Joe answering tax questions, to Kirsty dealing with our VAT, and then Lisa, Sharon and the rest of the fantastic admin team who are not only helpful on the telephone, but make me feel so welcome when I go into the office.  They’ve saved me money by explaining exactly what I can claim for against tax in running a small business from home.  Questions are answered in plain English, and I really can’t recommend them highly enough. 

Debra FeldmanDirectorDelanapa Limited

My introduction to Nordens has been first class.  I received a welcome pack introducing all the members of the various teams and who my lead contact would be.  I was given clear and concise instructions on how to fill out the various forms that are required to run a limited company and why they were needed.  The few queries I’ve had have been dealt with in a prompt and friendly manner.  The service has been excellent and makes me look forward to my future dealings with Nordens.

Darren ConwayDirectorConcept Key Limited

I have been with Nordens for years. They have never let me down. They are available anytime for any problem with energy, efficiency, friendliness and professionalism as a forefront. I feel like I’m phoning family when I call, knowing I am completely looked after in every financial way. They are second to none.

We have been working with Amelia over the past financial year. I can honestly say that we are both highly impressed with her completely professional manner. Amelia is always beautifully presented with a very welcoming and genuinely pleasant manner. My husband Mir who is also a client of Nordens and a highly skilled professional has commented on Amelia’s amazing calm manner when handling challenging client meetings. Amelia is very knowledgable on accounts and extremely clear and efficient in answering queries in a thorough and detailed manner including preparing draft accounts and all written queries. Nothing is too much trouble for Amelia in answering queries. She is extremely patient and very efficient in her work and coming back on queries very promptly.

I can honestly say that Amelia is the best and nicest accountant I have ever dealt with in the last 10 years! She is,  I feel, naturally gifted in her field and a very quick learner and we both can’t believe that she only left school recently. However her skills and rapid knowledge acquistion cannot be undermined by her youth in years. Her written and spoken communication is extremely mature, clear and she has a natural warmth face to face in meetings. I am sure she is going to be very very sucessful with her hard work and positive attitude.Keep going Amelia you are doing great!

Farzana MalkaniDirectorKensington Cosmetic Clinics Limited

Jane Gilbert has always provided me with a great and professional service. She is very efficient and pleasant to work with, and I would highly recommend her.

Huishan ZhangFashion DesignerHuishan Zhang

We have dealt with Ann Jarman for many years with regards our PAYE and have found her to be efficient, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with.  We would have no hesitancy in recommending her services.

Richard ClarkeDirectorClarke's Minibuses Limited

I am hugely impressed and happy with the service I have received from Marissa and the admin team at Nordens. As someone who is completely new to setting up a business, the team have held my hand throughout the whole process, kept me updated and gently reminded me to return forms and information with a professional friendly manner – and shown incredible patience with me! They are making what is a mind-boggling process to me, very easy. Thank you Marissa and team!

Natalie CarterIndependant ConsultantArbonne international

My experience with Nordens overall has been fantastic, integrating a corporate environment with a warm and welcoming aura that makes you feel comfortable. I am extremely happy with the service and do not believe it can be matched. A credit to the company is, of course, is the administration team that are highly efficient and get the job done quickly without saving on quality at all times.  A highly professional team that certainly are ‘More than just numbers!’

Ross KendrickDirectorNeuross Ltd

Thanks to everyone at Nordens, especially Kirsty for your ongoing help and support. We are very happy with the speed, efficiency and most of all patience you handle our pretty complicated accounts!  We cannot recommend you highly enough and look forward to a long, happy, (inspection free) future together.

Rob GoldmanDirectorRose Opticians

Nordens has been an enormous help for our business. I love the people that I am working with, they are so patient, understandable and prompt to meet our needs. I would recommend them to anyone!

Rejina PyoDirectorRejina Pyo Limited

The service at Norden’s is fantastic. Lisa helped me on a time sensitive and important matter today that went above and beyond what I would expect from my accountant!

Ian EdwardsDirectorEdward Sunderland Ltd

I have every confidence in Sam and the decisions we make together. It feels great to have an accountant that I can chat to anytime. Sam and all the staff at Nordens are the perfect fit for me.

Stuart ArmfieldDirectorGo Make It Happen Limited

Sam has given me so much support as my accountant and always takes the time to make sure I fully understand everything. I feel like everything is always taken care of and never need to worry as he gives the most incredible service. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Francis HaugenDirectorOur Future is Un Limited

Payroll, although often understated, is a key function of any business. By ensuring that staff are paid correctly and on time, Jane has made a huge contribution to Centre for Psychology staff morale – her grasp of our needs as a growing business has been very clear and matched by her impeccable service delivery. Words can describe a function but Jane’s numbers count for more!

John NewlandDirectorCentre for Psychology

I’ll hold my hands up and say that I am one of those people that sometimes begrudges paying for an accountant, as an IT Contractor – but it’s not until a situation like mine occurs that you realise they are worth their weight in gold!

Kirsty is forever putting up with me being tardy returning the information she needs to complete my quarterly VAT return, and she always does an amazing job at keeping me in HMRC’s good books.

For my Q4 return, Kirsty had due dilligently gone back through my sales invoices to reconcile with my bank statement, to find I was owned just under £20,000 that I hadn’t realised. “He’s obviously an idiot and that would never happen to me” you might say, but I can assure you that I’m typically on the ball, and it was only due to a period of challenging personal circumstances that I’d lost track of my business finances. It can happen to anyone.

Thanks to Kirsty, I made contact with the debtor and managed to arrange settlement of the amount.

So what’s the moral of the story? No matter how savvy, intelligent, shrewd you think you are, life does get in the way sometimes… and if you run a business, don’t begrudge having an accountant, especially if they are Nordens.

Matt BibbyIT ContractorXSP Ltd

Amelia Silas and Nordens have been extremely valuable with their help and support throughout the two years that they have managed our accounts. Their response to all our requests is always immediate and provides a most satisfactory result.

Angelo TsourapasCraig Green

We started working with Sam this summer and he has been a pleasure to work with. He provides clear and easy to understand advice and is always happy to help with any queries raised. We look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

I’ve been working with Kirsty for about 6 months now and have always found the service to be delivered with care, consideration and attentiveness to detail, but most importantly of all, with a smile Thank you Kirsty.

Julian Hallows​Managing DirectorLife Cleaning Services Ltd

I would like to thank Kirsty for her help with a letter i received from the VAT office, stating that they intend to investigate one of my companies. Naturally this is a letter nobody wants to receive, however, Kirsty was very quick to put my mind at rest, and dealt with the inspector the following day. To my amazement she concluded the situation over the telephone. Thanks again for all your help Kirsty.

Mark HillDirectorMark H Property

Having worked with Nordens for a few years, we’ve always received seamless service and kind-worded, easy to understand support. Could not recommended enough!

Oliver RuugerDirectorRuuger and Partners Ltd

We have used Nordens for years now, and we have a good and close relationship with the company. he main reason we use Nordens is to sort out our wages for us, which is always done on time and in clear process detail. If we have any queries or problems with the wages, Jane is straight onto the query and gets it sorted out for us.

Kathryn CorriganSunrise Technologies

I have known Ann for over fifteen years and during this time she has always proven herself to be a professional, courteous and dedicated member of staff. Ann is a valuable source of help and offers suitable solutions and advice accordingly. Thank you for doing what you do.”

Keith RiddickRiddick Carpentry Ltd

I have always found Sophia and Nordens to be very helpful.  In the last couple of years, I became a limited company and the guidance and information they provided to make the transitition from self-assessment to limited resulted in a smooth process without any problems or stress.  I would highly recommend Nordens to anyone looking for a professional accountantancy firm.  Nothing is ever too much trouble for them!

Michelle SmithMK PR Consultancy

I setup my business just over a year ago, a friend recommended Nordens and I have to say that I have not been disappointed.  The staff are friendly and very helpful at the point of access,   my questions and queries are resolved first time.  A special thanks to Sophia who has been a great account manager,  she keeps things simple and to the point and that’s what I like.

Changez KhanSolution ArchitectChangez Khan Consultancy Ltd

I had a major VAT bill to deal with and there was insufficient fund available so I asked Nordens for help. They have immediately dealt with my inquiry. The next thing I heard was an agreed payment plan with HMRC. It would have been impossible to deal with this matter without Nordens involvement.

Moji RezvaniOwnerScorpion Shoes Ltd

Nordens have provided us with an excellent service in the past year since we have been using them.  They are a strong team of people and have an efficient and relaxed approach to meeting deadlines.  We have received really good advice and it is most important to know that this side of our business is in good hands.

Lucinda IrelandDirectorIndicator Derivative Technology LLP

For the  last four years Engelsmans accountants and now Nordens have handled my accounts.  My first point of contact in this period has been Mrs Ann Jarman.  She has always very helpful, if I have queries or a problems she solves them very quickly in a professional manner, this is very reassuring to me. There are items that need to be forwarded to the Revenue each month. An early reminder from Ann is most helpful and give me some time to collate my figures which I then return to Ann.  Very happy the way things are!

Ron PluckManaging DirectorAllways Partitioning Services

I joined Nordens 9 months ago and can say it’s been a breath of fresh air. My previous accountancy firm although offering a full service, didn’t seem very capable of delivering it and not so good at explaining the myriad of aspects of tax and payroll. I never felt totally comfortable with the way things were handled.  Nordens have taken the burden of worry from me, I feel that I’m in good hands and that’s important when I’m so busy with my own work and commitments. I feel I’ve got the right people in my corner, personalities who represent my business and personal tax affairs. They value me as a client and a person, not just an invoice to be paid.

Karl Wright

I have been using Nordens for a couple of years as they were recommended to me by my husband who has used them for several years. We have had nothing but an exceptional service from them. They have consistently provided an excellent service. Nordens are very professional and efficient yet provide a personal touch which is endearing. Jane Gilbert is always prompt and organised with payroll and always available to discuss any concerns. I would highly recommend their service to everyone.


Jane has been very helpful to us over the years that we have worked with Nordens and her support is very much appreciated. She is always helpful and ensures that all payroll requirement are dealt with promptly and efficiently. She has also been a great help when dealing with questions that we may have relating to payroll matters and with liaising on our behalf with the HMRC when this has been needed.

Alex von der HeydePractice ManagerSilver Shemmings LLP (Solicitors)

Henry has been my accountant for some years now and I feel lucky to have an accountant who completely  takes care of all my dealings with the revenue, a thoroughly professional service and I know with certainty that Henry will deal with whatever issues arise. Henry’s sound financial advice has always proved to be the right financial advice. What I especially like about Henry’s approach is that he treats it almost personally when the Revenue cock up  & he is like a dog with a bone until it is resolved. Henry has consistently saved me money & I have to say is worth every penny of his fee. Keep up the good work & long may it continue!

David Neicho

Having been a client of Nordens for over 7 years, I know first-hand that they are not your normal accountants. They are very entrepreneurial in their approach and understand what businesses, and business owners need. They have helped me set and achieve numerous goals over the years, and allowed me to progress my businesses with the assurance that I am being given the correct advice. Panayiota has always gone that extra step in making sure my business and personally finances are in check and that I am able to achieve what is best for my family. I have, and will always, highly recommend Nordens with confidence.

Jordan HallowsOperations DirectorThe Plough Inn, Cobham

I have been a client of Nordens for over 5 years and I have been extremely happy with the service I have received from their efficient, friendly and ambitious team, in particular Kirsty.

Kirsty has always helped me with any challenge I have had and is always on hand to assist me. The service I have received from Kirsty has continuously been of the highest standard. I have found Kirsty to be professional and enormously effective.

Tony CharlesFoundation Sports

Kirsty has been doing my VAT for quite a while. She is super organised, efficient and a pleasure to deal with even when she is constantly chasing me for missing paperwork. I just wish she would make my VAT bills smaller

Simon GoffDirectorFloor Story

Thanks for all you do; you make my life easier!

Louise Benbow

I wish I had been associated with Nordens since the beginning of my limited company setup. I was with another accountancy service where I wasn’t happy with the services and behaviour of some of the people. Since I moved to Nordens it has been an excellent experience, the staffs here have been extremely helpful and courteous no matter how busy they have been. They have always set a clear timelines when they can answer my queries or when they can solve any issues if they are busy. I have been with them for about a year now and I can say I am one happy client. No wonder they have received numerous awards and recognition this year for their work. I wish Nordens and its staffs all the best for the future.

When I was introduced to Yiota I declared to her that I was good at making money but not so good at the admin side and that she was going to have her work cut out for her as my accountant. I’m not sure if that scared or excited her but with a smile on her face she told me I was in good hands! I have to say that I have never had such a supportive accountant before. Yiota tirelessly answers my questions, unravels my mysterious invoicing and have me toe the tax line with ease. Thank you Yiota for your hard work and patience, I look forward to continuing our working relationship for years to come.

Gabrielle BoweProject ManagerBowe GP Consulting Ltd

For over ten years the team at Nordens have exceeded our expectations, removing all of our pain relating to the necessary accountancy activities and enabling us to focus our time and efforts on making our business successful. Any questions we may have are always answered promptly and in a friendly but professional manner. We do feel their whole aim is to support our business and help it succeed. There are plenty of accountants but only one like Nordens.

Wendy HiscockTartan Elephant

Nordens have been my accountants for a number of years, I moved to Nordens after having a particularly unpleasant experience with my previous accountants.  A very special thank you has to go to Panayiota Koshias; Panayiota is my main point of contact at Nordens & is the ultimate professional, she has taken considerable time to explain in great detail my accounts & ongoing conversations with HMRC. I can’t recommend Panayota highly enough she is a very driven individual who, although very professional, also has the ability to personalise the service & patience to explain complicated tax process so that even I can understand.

Steve WisemanDirectorWiseman IT Solutions

On moving to Nordens my accounts where in disarray, however due to Nordens professionalism & expertise they have ensured that my accounts are back on track and in order. A very special thank you has to go to Lisa Gold; I regularly speak with Lisa & have found her to be the ultimate professional.  I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough!

In summary, Nordens is an excellent company with highly skilled & competent staff. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Stephen WisemanDirectorWiseman IT Solutions

As a business analyst contractor with over 10 years experience in the game, I’m used to being approached from accountants saying that they could enhance my earnings by whatever percent or alleviate the paper work and beuracracy that you have when dealing with the HMRC.  I normally ignored all of them. Not Nordens though.

I’m not sure if it was the professional manner of their first approach, the simplistic manner they explained complex tax strategies to me or the immediate camaraderie I struck up with my account manager, Sophia….but I knew this was a firm I could trust and develop a relationship with. Needless to say after 2 years my gut feeling was correct. Their tax advice is exceptional, they don’t complicate matters, tell you what you need to do when you need to do it and have an excellent front line account management service where they take their time to understand and know you personally.

 Would I recommend them??….already have!!

Mark WhitfieldGIM Consulting Limited

In preparation for the upcoming end of the financial year, I met with Sophia Fitsiou today and she walked me through how my company accounts would work in relation to tax, dividends, trusts, etc. I am thoroughly impressed with her knowledge and understanding and I feel very comfortable knowing that Sophia and her colleagues are handling my company and personal affairs.  You have a very good member of your team there Mark! Thanks again!

Darren HoltLead EstimatorDB & H Estimating

Our company has worked with Nordens for many years and continues to do so because the service we receive is first rate.  Nordens understands us as a business and every member of staff is efficient and professional.  The range of accountancy services is completely comprehensive.   Special thanks to Jane who takes care of our Payroll, I now have none of the hassle of dealing with HMRC!   I would have no hesitation in recommending Nordens to anyone.

I just felt the need to put into writing how impressed I am with the service you bestow on me on every visit to Nordens. Forget the fact that your professionalism seems to have no bounds but you are a delight to deal with. It’s almost impossible to make a VAT return enjoyable yet that’s where I seem to be. A massive thank you goes out to everyone at Nordens but you [Kirsty] in particular.

Peter SaundersManaging DirectorP and P Property Ltd

Nordens was recommended to me as a firm of accountants that is very versatile, reliable and responsive which is exactly what I was looking for, as an IT contractor.  Being new to running my own Business, Nordens set up my company for me and assisted me in explaining what was required at each step of the way, and providing templates where required, especially to track expenses, which I use religiously.  They have a range of accountants that specialise in the various aspects of the Business; VAT, PAYE, Personal taxes, general enquiries, etc, and there is always cover when one of those resources is away. Nordens has helped me keep on track and work efficiently and effectively with minimal fuss – most communication is handled through email which is extremely convenient and are always readily helpful in explaining items and calculations I am unfamiliar with. I have heard nightmare stories from other contractors in their experiences with their accountants, especially with regards to the lack of participation and partnership involved.  I find Nordens are very much a partner in my Business and we work well together. I would highly recommend Nordens to any Business or Contractors looking for a sharp, friendly, efficient and amenable firm of accountants.  They are not by any means the cheapest on the market, but they are cost effective and as we all know, you get what you pay for.

Kohan RebeiroDirectoriConsult Limited

Nordens’ payroll services are second to none. They take all the hassle out of my weekly & monthly payroll runs, by giving us an efficient and first class service. Any queries are dealt with quickly and are always happy to help. Would highly recommend.

Lynn ReedFinance ManagerMorelag Insulation Ltd

I have worked directly with James on a monthly basis for all our payroll needs and queries. He has always been very efficient, helpful and professional. When payroll queries have been raised they are answered very quickly and in full. Nordens offer a complete service, which gives us the confidence that all our payroll and legal requirements are fulfilled. I would recommend Nordens and James to anyone requiring a payroll service.

Nikki TaylorHR & Finance ManagerSLR Consultants Ltd

Joe is a very talented and bright accountant. He also incredibly personable.

Inge EdwardsAccount ManagerCCH UK

Nordens was a referral at a time I felt my business needed prime advice and service. My initial meeting with Mitch Hahn gave me the assurance I required.

Mitch made sure that my transition to Nordens was flawless and effortless. it’s been over a year since I engaged Nordens and the team have been fantastic all round.

Kirsty and her team are extremely polite and responsive to my ad hoc demands. Thanks Kirsty.

Joe Sword, Mitch/Darren Hahn are extremely professional, very approachable and above all I feel that they understand my business needs.

I cannot recommend their services enough! If you want to get on with your day job and ‘leave the numbers’ to a friendly driven team of professionals, then Nordens is your one stop shop for tax planning/accountancy.

Matthew ChambersM&C Business Solutions Ltd

I engaged Nordens to prepare company accounts, corporation tax & self assessment tax returns in 2014 and 2015 and found the service provided to be of an exceptionally high standard.

The advice and service provided  by Amelia Silas and Joe Sword in particular throughout the duration of their appointment was personable, concise, thorough and very professional.

Stephen HornerDirectorQuantity Surveying Limited

As a small business owner it’s tempting to be able to think you can do it all yourself, after all with Excel and HMRCs telephone number at your disposal there’s not a lot that can go wrong… That was our approach when we first were introduced to Mark Norden.

We very quickly realised it was more than just about the numbers, Panayiota (our awesome account manager) advised us on all the things we didn’t know about and has helped us out with everything from mortgage applications through to financial advice. Anything outside her field of expertise has been researched or delegated elsewhere efficiently and quickly. Whenever there’s an issue Nordens is always just a phone call away and more than happy to help. The time, stress and money we end up saving by leaving it to the experts has been a great decision and we wouldn’t look back.

Marvin NooitgedachtManaging DirectorPixelflakes

I have recently left a firm of accountants who did not really help me very much.  I got into a bit of a state with my tax payments and couldn’t cope with the pressure of it all.  I was given Nordens’ number by a work colleague and Joe Sword and Mitch Hahn came to my place of work and explained how Nordens could help me with all of my tax problems.

I decided then and there that Nordens were the right accountants for me and I have had nothing but help from the many areas of Nordens.

  • Pooja Gandecha for putting a tax plan together and assisting with the problems I have faced.   For continually putting up with me and my problems.
  • Joe Sword for always giving me very sound advice.
  • Kirsty Willis and Svetla Pavlova for helping me with my VAT payments and keeping me up to date.
  • Lisa Gold for her administration skills.
  • Jane Engelsman for her assistance with my Self-Assessment Tax.
  • Sharon Brooks for Annual Return assistance.

Without the help from the team above and all other Nordens staff that have helped me over the last few very difficult months – THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND HELP AND ATTENTION, WITHOUT YOUR HELP I JUST DON’T KNOW HOW I WOULD HAVE COPED.

Kim EdwardsOwnerK.E. AML Services Limited

To me going to an accountant was like a hospital appointment – that is, until I was recommended to Henry, now I look forward to seeing him!

I was told that he is a no nonsense, straight talking guy, no truer a word said; I distinctly remember (apart from his choice of football team!) the first thing he said to me, “If you tell me the truth, I can help you”.

The professionalism and support goes right across his team, a real sense of family who in the past ten years have shared my highs and lows yet always seen me the same and treated me as an equal. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team to assist with your accounts.

Andre Le HelliduManaging PartnerDRE Group

I’ve known Ann for over ten years, she has shared my highs and lows yet always seen me the same and treated me as an equal.  No question or request is too small and is always quick to respond, I would have no hesitation in recommending Ann to assist with your accounts her professionalism and support is second to none.

Andre Le HelliduManaging PartnerDRE Group

Accountants are like hairdressers.  If you know a brilliant stylist … he brings his wisdom, skill and charisma to every place he goes!  This is Henry!

Paul BurkeAuthor and producerPaul Burke Radio

Ben has been my accountant for over a year now and has been exceptional with both professionalism and accuracy. Great insight in the world of Limited Companies and always reliable when required. I would definitely recommend Ben (and Nordens) to anyone looking for a reliable and professional accounting service.

Carlos NunesInfrastructure AnalystARK Syndicate Management

I have been a customer of Nordens since 2005 and have always had exceptional service from the firm.

Panayiota (Yiota) has been my main contact at the firm for all queries relating to personal tax, business tax, business practises and investment queries.

She has been exceptional at providing support to the many queries I throw her way and is always willing to go above and beyond to answer queries promptly.

All my correspondence is by email or phone and Yiota ensures all questions / concerns are addressed swiftly. Being a contractor and running your own ltd company has its inherent problems. It can be very difficult understanding the tax rules, the forms that regularly need filling or staying on top of all the paperwork / payments that need to be made. Yiota has always ensured my business is protected and does not allow me to fall behind on any payments / paperwork.

In the last few years as my business advisor she has also helped me save a lot of money which is always a good thing!:)

Always friendly, helpful and willing to support.

I am lucky enough to have Yiota as my customer support contact at Nordens and as such my business will stay with Nordens for the foreseeable future

Dipak PatelIreland Test Manager Hutchison 3G

I have now been working with Nordens for over 5 years.  Nordens manage the company accounts for all my businesses.  Having tried 3 different accountancy companies prior to using Nordens, my expectations weren’t overly aspirational.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with Nordens when they spent a large amount of time examining my business as a whole, rather than solely on the accountancy side.    In fact, I met the owner of Nordens, Mark Norden, who helped with business advice and gave me some helpful tips and advice on possible future strategies for my company.  Again, not just on the accountancy side, but on many other facets of the business, mainly related to future expansion.

Over the last few years, our personal account manager has been Joe Sword.  I cannot speak highly enough of this young, intelligent and driven individual.  Considering the level my business is now at (8 figure valuation), it’s imperative that I not only implicitly trust my business confidants & suppliers, but also that I enjoy working with them.  Both hold true for Joe Sword.  He is diligent, cares about my business and always gets back to me with the answers to my questions within satisfactory timescales.

Because of these reasons, I highly recommend Nordens for any SME looking to move to a reliable and highly skilled accountancy practice who can advise you on all areas of your businesses accounts, finance, consultancy and expansion.

James MackieTechnical DirectorVesk

Kirsty is so helpful (and patient!) in dealing with my VAT returns. I get reminders from her that the deadline is looming and she has been great at giving me advice on how to prepare and benefit from my VAT options.  I am not always as punctual as I should be but Kirsty always deals with me efficiently and in a truly professional manner. My VAT return could be a nightmare but Kirsty makes the whole process straightforward and I love the feeling of always being on top of it. Thanks Kirsty!

Craig RoweTV Presenter

VAT Inspections and communications with HMRC was handled brilliantly by Kirsty Willis!

Hardev WahiwalaClarus Minds

Mitch combines knowledge with excellent interpersonal skills, so much that it is difficult to find any fault in the work that he undertakes for clients. This knowledge gained over many years should give anyone thinking of working with Mitch the confidence that the results will be excellent and delivered in a fluent easy to understand manner.   I can highly recommend Mitch to anyone!

Chris GibsonPresidentFFS Brands Ltd

Great guy and willing to go the extra mile for his clients! Would recommend him to anybody and an excellent networker!

Scott JayDirectorKeystones Properties

I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for all your help with our recent VAT returns. You offer a 1st class service and your knowledge is 2nd to none. I would always recommend you and Norden’s services.

In particular… Account Manager Joe has always shown an excellent understanding of Accountancy… I highly recommend Joe!

Paul GladstoneOwnerFinancial Staffing Solutions

Joe is a creative, pro-active accountant who does what he says he’s going to do, does it on time, and does it with a smile!! A really nice person to work with and someone I highly recommend for all your accountancy and strategic planning needs.

Renée WallenSocial media training and management Imaginative Training

Joe and I have worked together for many years, and he has always been very professional in his approach and his ability to explain the tax planning in plain English, which makes it more understandable. I would highly recommend Joe to all my associates and to whom ever needs an exceptionally good accountant. Joe is also a very likeable person.

Stephen PerryExecutive Director at Regency Jewels Ltd & Dynasty Jewels Ltd. Amazing Diamonds

Joe is both easy and great to work with. He takes the pain away from the client – knows his stuff and presents it in a simple and easy way. I’d happily recommend Joe to anyone……

Jon PhillipsCaliam HR

Having worked with Nordens for the past eighteen months, I can only say that I wish we had discovered their services many years ago.  They offer a tremendous blend of professionalism, responsiveness, enthusiasm and a genuinely friendly approach, which is very rare.  Their level of knowledge and expertise has helped to reshape our business, to a point where we are now seeing greater efficiencies in many areas.  Nordens have played a key role in helping our business to grow, and as a result, have provided us with an increasing range of services.  They will undoubtedly continue to play an important role in the running of our business, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a professional accounting service.

Following a recommendation from a work colleague Ms. Elisa Adani, I contacted Joe and Mitch via email to discuss my company accounts.  Joe and Mitch came to meet me near to where I work and I haven’t looked back since.  Between them and the rest of the team at Nordens – especially Kirsty and Pooja, I feel confident that I am on the right route to a worry and stress free business plan.

Kim EdwardsK.E. AML Services Ltd

Design Ingenuity are an experienced creative agency specialising in branding, brand refreshes, marketing support and presentation materials. We have been clients of Nordens Accountants for 3 years and we are extremely happy with the brilliant service and advice given by Darren Hahn. As a design agency, we have lots of creative ideas but until we met Darren, I never realised how a truly excellent accountant could help and support our business with lots of financial advice and good business ideas too. I would happily recommend Darren Hahn to my clients, colleagues and friends without hesitation. Thanks Darren, best regards, Richard 

Richard GreenDesign Ingenuity

Kirsty’s lessons in sagepay are excellent, full of information, great explanations and easy to follow. I would highly recommend her to any business that needs assistance with their VAT.

I have reassured [a potential business owner] that she would be in safe hands with Nordens, should she wish to explore working for herself.

Elisa AdaniPoolpit Ltd

Mitch is a manager responsive to client’s requirements and acts with integrity. I use his accounting services on a regular basis and always have a quick response to problems, he always returns calls with positive solutions and closures.

Steven KitchenOwnerStevenKitchen.co.uk

I have known and worked with Mitch for a long time. He is very personable and has a great knowledge of his industry and is a great asset to any business. His level of expertise is second to none and I would highly recommend him.

Samm PeareySenior Consultant

Joe is always ready to support his client to the highest possible standards and resolve any query very swiftly. His accounting knowledge amazed me from the first conversation and was proven over the years by his ability to answer every single question I asked (which unfortunately has not been the case with any other accountant I came across). Joe’s professional attitude together with super warm personality and willingness to go an extra mile to keep the customer satisfied, make him the best accountant I have come across in UK. Joe is one of those people who simply cannot be replaced by anybody else. Being completely satisfied by the accounting service provided by Joe, I will always highly recommend him. I also believe that with his outstanding skills and exceptionally high professional standards, Joe will get very far in his accounting career.

Alina KorczykCompliance Change ManagerBarclays Wealth and Investment Management

I have employed Nordens accountants for the last 5 years and in that time I have the pleasure of having Mitch work on my accounts at various points in time. He has been extremely helpful and always been on hand to answer any queries I have. Very professional and extremely good at his job.

Dipak PatelIreland Test ManagerHutchison 3G

Mitch is knowledgeable and helpful with tax and business affairs, and has helped save my business a lot of money over the years. He has good strategies for efficient use of the regulatory regime, and is always willing to suggest better ways of structuring financial operations. Tham provides excellent advice and assistance relating to both our company’s tax affairs and my own tax. He has saved us considerable sums through his expert knowledge, and is to be highly recommended.

Nick WalkerMDGreenleaf Projects

I’ve known Mitch for over 4 years through his work with Nordens Accountants. He’s proved himself to be a prolific business development specialist and truly customer focussed individual. He builds trust through taking time to listen to his clients and is able to develop ideas into winning business propositions. I’m delighted to count Mitch as a trusted business partner and to recommend him and Nordens to anyone looking for a proactive business advisor to take their business to the next level and beyond.

David LyonsCommercial Banking Relationship Manager

Mitch combines knowledge with excellent interpersonal skills, so much that it is difficult to find any fault in the work that he undertakes for clients. This knowledge gained over many years should give anyone thinking of working with Mitch the confidence that the results will be excellent and delivered in a fluent easy to understand manner.

Chris GibsonManaging DirectorFranology

It was a refreshing change to be speaking to someone that is keen to help a company plan and develop ideas and strategies for the future.

Thank you for coming over this morning. It was an absolute breath of fresh air coming away from that meeting positive having cleared the uncertainties up, nothing has been that straight forward to date.

Matthew Rattenbury

Absolutely superb! What a refreshing change it has been, moving to Nordens. Mark and the team go out of their way to make accounting crystal clear and specialise in helping your business to grow and they are so enthusiastic and proactive when it comes to this!

Nick Micourislostintv

Nordens are just fantastic!!! They give excellent business, accountancy and taxation advice. They also reply instantly and deal with any query I have.

Just a quick note to thank all the people I saw yesterday for their polite, professional and courteous manner with which they dealt with all my problems. It was worth the time and journey. Thanks again.

Ronald MoffatMoffat Design Limited

Kirsty gave me N-Books training today which I found very helpful, Insightful and now feel confident on the areas that needed addressing. Kirsty is always very approachable and I am very pleased with her service/training. She understands how to explain and educate in a cohesive manner. I also feel that I can call/email her with any queries I may have. Many thanks and look forward to working with Kirsty in the future.

Richard HicksCBrands Limited

I first came across Nordens because of their blog content that I spotted on Twitter. It has always struck me that, as a business owner of 4Ps Marketing, Basetouch London and the Happiness Index, our success has only been achieved because we have good partners that understand our very different businesses. I personally feel that the team at Nordens understand the business world has changed drastically over the last 10 years and therefore they have adapted. And that is why I am an avid reader of Nordens’ blog: they get this fundamental shift.

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