Nordens Accountancy App

Being the proactive, finger-on-the-pulse accountants that we are, we like to keep the Nordens Accountancy App fully up to date. So if you downloaded it once but don’t take advantage of the benefits, take another look – you’ll be surprised at how useful we’ve made it for you!!

This App can be downloaded onto your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. It’s packed full of useful Tax Tables, Calculators and important dates, as well as share prices, a mileage tracker and your receipt manager. All of which you will be able to access anywhere you have an internet connection on your device.

You can download the App free of charge using the links or QR code below.

What’s your estate worth? Any idea what would be owed in inheritance tax if you got hit by an asteroid? Well now you can find out at the touch of a button. Our clever calculators let you work out approximate figures for a whole host of scenarios. Of course you’re not really going to get hit by an asteroid, so use our App for business planning: see in seconds how you can increase your profits, work out your overall annual contractual rate or check your tax liability for driving a company car.

Handy Tax Tables show at a glance all the rates you might check to ensure your financial position is at its best. Ranging from the standard accountancy features such as Income Tax Relief and Vat, the list also runs through items that could benefit you as a developing business. Everything is covered, from Charitable Giving and Stamp Duty rates, through to Fuel Benefits and Working Tax Credit.

Your new App is completely free, so please tell your friends – they can have fun and get financially-savvy too, compliments of your favourite accountants!

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