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DesignersYou run your business because you love what you do – but are you making the money you deserve for the level of energy you put in? Creative people sometimes fail to make a successful living because they’re so busy designing fabulous stuff that they simply don’t have time for mundane things like business planning or bookkeeping.

We understand the psychology of creativity, and we know what is needed for your business to succeed. You don’t have to be ‘another struggling artist waiting for a big break.’ This doesn’t mean becoming corporate or mainstream – it’s about defining who you are in the business world, as well as within the design field.

We know that the inspiration and innovation you put into your designs doesn’t translate to boring accountancy jobs. That’s why we love to work with people like you: we can blend the creativity of your world with the expertise of ours to make sure you achieve your business goals.

  • We structure bespoke admin systems that work for you, leaving you time to do your thing.
  • You get Information from a bookkeeping system to help you to plan your future product ranges and anticipate realistic sales – giving you the freedom to expand your range with confidence.
  • We help you to understand your business’ figures in a way that’s simple for you to control, so it’s quick and easy, leaving you free to concentrate on being creative.
  • We advise you on all aspects of trade financing, cashflow, factory costings, export fees and anything else that impacts on your creative time.
  • We can get together regularly to make sure you’re on track, and help you to solve any business problems or concerns.

Not sure or need help?

For a friendly chat or to find out about workshops for designers, get in touch with us on 020 8530 0720, or email

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