A2Y Bookkeeping

Providing comprehensive bookkeeping services for our clients and their companies

What is A2Y Bookkeeping?

In layman’s terms, bookkeeping processes accounting sales, purchasing documents and cash flow. However, it may also cover far more advanced elements of the financial process including (but not limited to); risk analysis, legal advice and tax optimisation. The scope of activity of the bookkeeper will depend upon the business owner and how much assistance is required.

A2Y bookkeeping is our specialised service to provide you with an efficient, personalised assistance from an accredited team of professionals. You can rely on Norden's to help you navigate all of the financials of your business - whether that's assisting with company payroll or helping you spot (and rectify) any discrepancies or suspicious activity on the books.

There are rather a lot of similarities between bookkeeping and accounting. However, there is one major distinction between the two - the frequency of the records kept. Whilst accountants typically work in 'quarters' or 'tax periods', bookkeepers are on hand far more regularly, allowing them to keep a much closer eye on your financial records.

Unlike accountants, bookkeepers can also assist in both issuing and chasing up unpaid invoices, processing expense claims and locating appropriate documentation - such as stray receipts or invoices. The role itself can be made relatively bespoke, picking up the financial and administrative slack wherever you company calls for it.

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How A2Y Bookkeeping Can Help

We know that many business owners see bookkeeping as a laborious, time-consuming task that slows them down in other areas. That’s where Nordens come in, we’re dedicated to completing the task at hand better than anyone else - ensuring that all your business’ books are properly managed, professionally and efficiently. This results in reduced pressure for you and your employees’.

Our bookkeepers will handle all your accounts, making rigorous checks and in-depth analysis - and even record it securely. This allows you the opportunity to attain both your business and personal goals, as well as prosper financially with our consistent support. They’ll also guide your books through a strict preparation process, enabling it to be viewed by all professional bodies i.e banks, financial companies and HMRC.

Essentially, bookkeeping takes the stress and burden away from you completely, leaving you time to do what you’re best at. Whether it’s incoming or outgoing, our experts are equipped to deal with all of your payment information. It’s a comprehensive provision, always tailored to each client, making sure they are catered for to the best of our ability.

Benefits of Bookkeeping

Some of the many plus sides of professional bookkeeping include, but are certainly not limited to:

Timely, stress-free financial records that are kept in accordance with all necessary regulations

Professional accuracy in everything from payroll periods to sole trader self assessments

Fraud-detection - never fall prey to business phishing scams

Reliable insight into financial trends, as well as profits and losses

Never, ever lose another penny over administrative error!

Our A2Y Bookkeeping Service

Since our formation in 2005, our superb team has been providing small businesses and individuals with a range of bookkeeping services. Our mission is to offer companies a personalised, accurate, timely and relevant service that complies with all professional, financial, and legal standards.

We're also just as concerned with building strong client relationships as we are with providing fantastic accuracy. With us, you'll always have a diligent team member on side, to:

Help you navigate all tax deadlines and get compliant with government regulations

Provide insight into money-saving practices to help your business thrive

Issue invoices and, in turn, chase them up on your behalf if and when overdue

Keep a water-tight record of all the important financial information, and access/reference it with ease when necessary

Offer valuable financial advice with your best interests and goals in mind

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How Nordens Can Help

We don’t want you burdened with an array of financial strains, when we can handle them for you. Here at Nordens, we believe taking over your accounts allows you the freedom to do the work that matters. Here’s the stuff you won’t have to do anymore:

What Can Our Bookkeepers Provide?

Our bookkeeping experts will provide you with the appropriate support and knowledge to assist you with the financial recording, management accounting, payroll and credit control of your company.


We help clients through the rigid document preparation process, ensuring everything is compliant with government, financial and legal standards.


We also help clients strategies, to create new financial plans that benefit both them and their employees.


We conduct regular meetings with you (which can be either weekly or monthly) to evaluate your books and assess whether there are any problems in them - which we immediately rectify.


Keep a record of both your incoming and outgoing expenses, and chase up any missed payments to balance the book where necessary.

More Information On A2Y Bookkeeping

At Nordens we have all the information you need about getting your bookkeeping service up and running. Take a look at some of our other articles on the subject and learn more about how your business can benefit from this unique service.