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You will learn:

  How to select the right bookkeeping software for your business.

  How to stay on top of your bookkeeping.

  How to accurately do your own bookkeeping.

  What to watch out for.

Our Guide Includes:

  - What is bookkeeping?
  - Who is this guide for?
  - Should you do your business' bookkeeping yourself?

An overview of the entire bookkeeping process

What kind of bookkeeping should you do for your business?
  - Small to medium enterprises
  - Big or growing companies

A step-by-step guide to bookkeeping
Setup your business accounts
Complete your single or double-entry bookkeeping
  - Single-entry bookkeeping
  - Double-entry bookkeeping
  - Balance the books
  - Prepare financial reports

Conclusion & Glossary
  - In conclusion
  - Glossary of terms