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Accounting For The Charity & Not-For-Profit Sector

Despite the act of aiding others (not making a profit) being the top priority of both charity and non-profit organisations, financial competence is arguably the most important factor to keep these businesses running.

Without monetary contributions, these businesses could not run nor help the very causes they set out to.

Even as business structures change, the main pressure that affects the charity & not-for-profit sector is the value of the money received. By this, we don’t mean the worth of the pound. Instead, the value comes from how the money is spent.

We Have Open Minds

When members of the general public donate to charities, they’re doing it as a way to contribute to a cause they believe in. They’re trusting that their money is going to be spent to aid health, education, the climate and so on. Here at Nordens, we can evaluate your current business structure to ensure your cause gets the majority of the donations you receive, without affecting your ability to run.

We can also ensure you follow the correct legislation for your sector, keeping everything you do legal and above-board. After all, one wrong financial move from an organisation designed to help people could tarnish your brand for life. Our accounting experts go above and beyond to retain a positive public image for you.

Charity & Not-For-Profit Accounting With Nordens

Despite the apparent ease in running the accountancy department of both charity and not-for-profit organisations – due to the decrease in paperwork – things become all the more confusing when figuring out your exemption status and tax relief protocol. The Nordens team are more than capable of talking you through your businesses relationship with HMRC, and how you can become exempt from paying taxes if you aren’t already. We also ensure your company follows the accounting standards set out explicitly for charities – to protect donations and certify that they’re being spent correctly.

We Think Long Term

We Understand The Charity & Not-For-Profit Sector

We understand that you don’t want to be bogged down with financial complications when running a charity or not-for-profit business. Instead, your focus is on how you can use your money to help people. Well, let us help you. Beyond the typical accounting demands we receive, we can also advise you on how your profits would be best spent. As we’re aware that you want the majority of your company’s income to be spent on things to aid your cause, we can re-evaluate your budget to ensure you can do just that.

Our Charity & Not-For-Profit Sector Experience

For over 20 years now, we’ve been working with charities and not-for-profit organizations all over the UK. The Nordens team has a diverse range of experience in causes we’ve supported in the past, from climate change to animal welfare. Not only that, but we also have experience in working with large, well-established organisations as well as brand-new startups. Whatever stage your organization is at, we’re well-equipped to help you succeed.

We See Opportunity

Charity & Not-For-Profit Sector Focused Accounting

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Chris Dyer
Director – Metro Bank

Nordens are always very easy to deal with and extremely professional and efficient. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to my clients for their accountancy needs, no matter how complex they may be.

Simon Cushing
Founder – Vivid Finishes

We have used Nordens for the last 5 years and have had a great service throughout. The guys are very passionate about what they do and have played a part in the growth of our company, highly recommended.

Christopher Wilce
Founder – Dataphone

Having worked with Nordens over the last 5 years, not only to look after my annual accounts but they have also provided outstanding professional advice. They have guided me through a Company share buyback with clear and objective advice.

Charity & Not-For-Profit Sector Business Services

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