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Accounting For The Construction & Real Estate Sector

The construction and real estate sector is made up of commercial and residential developers, contractors and sub-contractors, civil engineers, surveyors, and the related professional services that interact with such businesses.

Despite being one of the UK’s largest sectors, it is burdened with a high level of complexity and uncertainty due to the ever-changing industries involved. Alongside rapidly changing technology and demographic shifts such as urbanisation, forecasting a business’s financial future in this sector is by no means an easy feat.

This is where we come in. Accompanied by sector-specific expertise and our breadth of accounting experience, Nordens can provide the financial solutions and support that your construction and real estate business needs to succeed.

We Have Open Minds

Despite the sheer size of the construction and real estate sector, Nordens can provide the accounting support for an ever-widening array of businesses operating in these industries. Whatever component of the sector your business interacts with, we can serve it. Here at Nordens, our accounting experience extends from residential businesses to include commercial, retail, student accommodation, data centres, and warehouses.

Paralleling this, our support can also provide for construction service suppliers, such as scaffolding and plant suppliers, demolition companies, and water and renewable energy firms. Nordens can provide the financial knowledge and know-how to a variety of businesses whether they’re seeking exit plannings, growth strategies, or support regarding a changing economy. If your company is just dipping its toe – or, if it’s ready to take the plunge – we have the experience to guide your business every step of the way.

Construction & Real Estate Accounting With Nordens

Mirroring the extensive support we can provide to the construction and real estate sector is the even wider array of services that can both fix and further your finances. These services include: fundamental audits; compliance with tax obligations – an area we take particular care with due to the constant threat of an HMRC investigation; fundraising for developers, R&D tax credits for innovative practices; PAYE compliance; IR35; profit extraction; corporate financial advice, such as mergers and disposals; strategic planning; and expert witness for construction litigation. Or, in rather more simple terms – if your construction or real estate business requires financial support, you can find it here at Nordens.

We Think Long Term

We Understand The Construction & Real Estate Sector

Here at Nordens, both our accounting experience and expertise always add up to success for our clients. But before we’ve even considered doing the accounting you expect from us, we make sure that your sector is first factored into the equation. Given the complexity of this sector in particular, we take the time to engage with the issues your sector is prone to facing, and then calculate the business-specific problems that may be encountered along the way. This typically includes ensuring that taxes are done correctly, and that the necessary advice is passed over, as well as navigating the necessary regulations.

Our Construction & Real Estate Sector Experience

At Nordens, we take pride in the accounting experience that we have garnered over the years. But beyond the awards, and aside from the success stories that have sprouted from our support, is our specific knowledge of this sector. And that’s why we provide specialised services for the construction and real estate sector that centre around the common problems and difficulties encountered. This includes specific support regarding tax compliance, liquidation, and audits. There’s no doubt that keeping up with the shifts and sways of this sector stands proudly within our accounting.

We See Opportunity

Construction & Real Estate Sector Focused Accounting

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We have used Nordens for the last 5 years and have had a great service throughout. The guys are very passionate about what they do and have played a part in the growth of our company, highly recommended.

Christopher Wilce
Founder – Dataphone

Having worked with Nordens over the last 5 years, not only to look after my annual accounts but they have also provided outstanding professional advice. They have guided me through a Company share buyback with clear and objective advice.

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