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The creative and media sector involves a wide range of industries and an even wider range of businesses. Such industries include television; film; radio; computer game development; press, marketing; advertisement; interactive media; and photo imaging.

From freelancers, to client-based small businesses, to big businesses directing large-scale creative services, this sector is prone to encountering uncertainty. Whether it’s losing high-ticket clients or failure to keep up with changing trends, this ever-shifting sector requires steady financial support and planning.

That’s where we come in. We can apply not only our accounting knowledge but also our sector-specific knowledge to support and service your business.

We Have Open Minds

Despite the breadth of the industries involved in the creative and media sector, here at Nordens, we can provide the financial support and guarantee the financial success that your business deserves. This is especially important when it comes to such a dynamic set of industries. This includes assisting start-ups freshly encountering the creative industries, new media entrepreneurs, and leading technology companies. Whether your business is just starting to walk – or is ready to stretch its wings – we have the necessary experience and expertise that will see it fly.

In more specific terms, we can also provide support for a new wave of creative business ventures: from YouTube-centred businesses to app developers, to actors and singers, we can provide support for each and every corner of the creative and media-based sector. If any of these services relate to your own individual business activities, then the team at Nordens can meet your individual business needs.

Creative & Media Accounting With Nordens

Despite the stretch of support we can provide here at Nordens, we have a wide array of specific services on offer that can fit your creative and media-based financing needs. Such services can include business management (this involves keeping up to date with all the managers of your respective business, record keeping, cloud accounting, and running the necessary processes such as VAT registration); sorting your tax needs from national insurance contributions to inheritance tax; and providing the financial support for production houses and theatres (this includes assisting with local authority funding, maximising tax reliefs, and performing royalty audits).

We Think Long Term

We Understand The Creative & Media Sector

At Nordens, being up to date with everything accounting is evidently important. Yet before we even undertake understanding the necessary accounting requirements of your business, we consider your individual sector and thus your individual business’ needs. Not only do we take into account the obstacles that the sector is prone to face, but we are also always prepared to find and fix the individual issues that may be encountered. This typically centres around evolving the accounting of your business with the shifting landscape of the creative industries, and forecasting your finances alongside the future uncertainty that it often faced.

Our Creative & Media Sector Experience

Here at Nordens, our wide stretch of accounting experience and expertise is the stamp of approval that certifies everything we do. Yet beyond our clients’ raving reviews is the specialised experience we share with the creative and media industries. It’s all well and good to know the numbers, but knowing your business’ individual needs inside-out is just as important. From our past involvement with the theatrical industries through to our present projects with media-based entrepreneurs such as influencers, we can support your business. On top of this, the Nordens team never stops learning; matching our accounting to your shifting business is at the forefront of everything we do.

We See Opportunity

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Chris Dyer
Director – Metro Bank

Nordens are always very easy to deal with and extremely professional and efficient. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to my clients for their accountancy needs, no matter how complex they may be.

Simon Cushing
Founder – Vivid Finishes

We have used Nordens for the last 5 years and have had a great service throughout. The guys are very passionate about what they do and have played a part in the growth of our company, highly recommended.

Christopher Wilce
Founder – Dataphone

Having worked with Nordens over the last 5 years, not only to look after my annual accounts but they have also provided outstanding professional advice. They have guided me through a Company share buyback with clear and objective advice.

Creative & Media Sector Business Services

At Nordens, we’re proud to say that we’re equipped to deal with every aspect of accounting – no matter how complex. Why not explore our extensive catalogue of services below.


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