Be limited by your imagination, not your fears

We don’t believe actor Will Smith actually collaborated with Mitch Hahn on the latest Nordens TV programme Hitting fear head on,  which aired this week, but the similarity’s uncanny. Well, Mitch didn’t advocate bungee jumping backwards from a helicopter hovering above a gorge on the Navajo Nation in Arizona, which is what Smith did to celebrate his 50th birthday on Tuesday, but you get the picture. Making decisions about where you want to take your business, or whether now is the right time to introduce something completely new may not as terrifying as plunging 550 feet straight into an abyss, but it’s a time of self-doubt and uncertainty. But once you commit, that’s the moment you’ve faced your fear, and it can only make you stronger and more confident about facing another. Speaking about his experience, Smith said: “Nothing will ever be scarier than that. It goes from complete absolute terror to the most magnificent bliss you’ve ever felt in your life.”

No one can be successful all the time and being fearful is never a bad thing, it makes you careful. Having no fear is just plain stupid and taking a leap into the unknown has its risks too (granted, not as many as Smith’s stunt). But facing your fears has so many benefits, and perhaps the greatest one of all is that you’ll never be limited by them.

Watch the video from Mitch on Hitting fear head on.