What is an Agile Culture and how can you create one?

There are four elements to creating an ‘agile culture’ for better business success: recognition, communication, trust and learning. Our complimentary guide explains how to achieve this.

An agile culture is increasingly recognised as a critical component for the survival and growth of a business. In a fast-paced environment where changing trends and consumer sentiment are the norm, significant disruption is not only to be expected but embraced. Rapid changes in competition, demand, consumer and employee expectations, technology and regulations make it imperative for organisations to be able to adapt quickly.

Building an agile mindset and culture offers a way to harness the power of the people in your organisation to find ways to be more adaptive, innovative and resilient in a fast-paced digital economy.

An agile culture has to be built on an agile mindset. This allows things to move more quickly, less hierarchy in decision making and responsibility handed to small agile groups and teams to make things happen. Communication channels are then efficient and open, as in there is more transparency.

This guide that will explain all you need to know about creating an agile culture. It gives insights into the four key elements of organisational culture to more efficiently pursue agile transformations.

They are:

1. Recognition: Recognising good or hard/smart work. One in five claim that there are never any personal development reviews inside their organisation…and strongly disagree that there is a system of recognition.

2. Communication: Organisational purpose, clarity of expectations and alignment of people. One in five companies claim that the organisation’s values are not visible…and a similar number claim that the relationship between their role and the purpose of the organisation is not clear.

3. Trust: Trust in other people/ Organisation.Trust is more likely to be associated with fellow colleagues rather than senior management.

4. Learning: Investment in training. In controlling cultures there’s less investment in skills.

The guide has been created by coaching professionals that we know and trust. Download your copy here!

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