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Now is the time to adapt, change to a different gear and begin to grow - Take your business to the next level with our strategic business consulting

What is Nordens Strategic?

The business landscape is no piece of cake, and in an environment of constant change, it is often difficult to know - definitively - which way is up. In these times of uncertainty, many companies benefit from external support in the shape of a business consultant. These consultants may help identify company issues, help steer your brand in a direction which aligns with your goals, or simply provide advice as and when it’s needed. Sometimes a little outside perspective is all that’s needed to help a business soar.

At Nordens Strategic, we want to provide you with all of the necessary elements to do just this. Nordens’ strategic vision interprets the environment, identifies key transformations and generates the confidence you need to move forwards. Business consulting - or strategic planning - is a highly effective way to take your company to the next level. For many of our clients, the tried-and-tested advice of a Nordens coach is simply transformative.

We like to believe that it’s our attention to personal objectives that differentiates us in the consulting arena - we want to know what your business’s definition of success is. Is it the ability to allow you and your staff greater freedom? Or is it rather to acquire more customers, or improve communication and morale? Once established, our consultants will know just where to begin.

We know that with increasing globalisation, lots of businesses have had to make radical changes to their operations. However, day-to-day dynamics often make this exercise of self-analysis and reorientation a challenge. There can be very limited room to manoeuvre within the daily running of a business - especially when you don’t know where to begin. Why not let a Nordens strategic coach assist in doing some of the leg work for you?

We Have Open Minds

How Nordens Strategic Can Help

Releasing yourself from business-related anxieties needn’t be a pipe-dream. With an experienced strategic consultant by your side, all of those unanswered questions and difficult decisions suddenly become a piece of cake - using years worth of industry experience to help guide, advise and steer you on your journey. A problem shared might be a problem halved, but with your very own Nordens mentor - it’s a problem solved.

Nordens strategic consultants can facilitate tangible changes, without the added stress and workload that so often denies people the chance to enjoy their financial rewards. You’ll be provided with leading entrepreneurs in planning and strategic management for various business sectors.

These consultants will provide you with the techniques to develop or bring strategic plans up-to-date, provide guidance, teach your valuable skills and do their best to ensure your business’ success. Nordens will never take a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to strategic consulting, either. Quite the opposite, in fact. Strategic consulting with Nordens will offer you a fully-tailored experience. Basing our analysis on market trends, evaluations of competitors, and exploration of new business models, Nordens strategic consultants work to develop the most suitable strategy for you and your current circumstances. In turn, your business is then granted an enhanced competitive edge and a resilience which allows you to face the market with confidence.

Strategic Consulting Addresses

Our strategic strategic consulting offers a tailored service to each client

Vision & Financial Strategies

Financial Transformation Planning

Strategic Overview Perspective

Management Issue Solutions

Enhancement of Competitive Advantages

Branding & Marketing Strategies

Our Strategic consulting

Nordens Strategic will work alongside you, growing your business steadily, in ways which suit you. You can expect genuine, sustained results when working with our renowned strategic consultants. As mentors, we’ll guide you through a programme of growth – paving the way for financial gain, personal development and a business model that runs like a well-oiled machine.

Obtaining your very own business mentor can also help in a multitude of other areas - areas which are far more specific to you and your current circumstances. Consultants can additionally:

Provide the necessary order in which to accomplish a dynamic transformation.

Recognise changes that will positively impact your business.

Thoroughly evaluate your competitive positioning (internally / externally).

Jointly decide upon the actions with the most impact of change and guide you through the resulting journey.

Formalising the conclusions within a document that serves as a roadmap and control of the actions to be carried out – as well as its economic and financial impact.

We See Opportunity
Handing You Back Financial Control

We do not settle for mediocre results, and neither will we waste your time making empty promises. We’ll forge lasting partnerships for you with some of the country’s top entrepreneurs.

The reins to a new financial freedom are well within your grasp.

What can our consultants provide?

Our specialist strategic consultants will give you support to collect, prepare and contrast information to reason and justify all the financial forecasts.


We help prepare a financial model that reflects the outcome of the planned measures to achieve viability of the company.


Carry out an integral strategic plan that describes and analyses your economic interests.


Estimate different scenarios in a dedicated fashion, highlighting the measures to be carried out in the face of different possible evolutions.


Making the report or necessary document in accordance with its intended use (bank financing, sale of capital or entry of new partners, expert reports, etc.)

More information on Strategic consulting

At Nordens we have all the information you need about getting your strategic consulting up and running. You can take a look at some of our other articles on the subject to learn more about how your business can benefit from this unique service...

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