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What is Business Coaching?

If you have a company or business, you might be interested to know just what business coaching is. Coaching refers to setting up a new way of learning through ‘knowledge management’. This enables professionals to optimise both their work and their time within a company. In addition to helping achieve goals and make improvements to everyday life from a management perspective, coaching can also help boost the skillsets of the entire workforce. Read on to find out everything you need to know about business coaching and how Nordens can help you and your company achieve your full potential.

Why Use Nordens For Your Business Coaching?

Did you know that a good coach can encourage your workers to get more involved at work? Did you know that if you, yourself, have a problem with the direction of your company, a coach can help you achieve a higher level of productivity? In short, the impacts of business coaching can affect every single member of your team – from administration and ground staff, right the way up to your management. It makes possible the transfer of knowledge in order to achieve the best version of a company and its components.

Coaching is a process in which objectives must be carried out. These objectives are centred around aspects of the company which have been identified as areas for improvement. The business coach will then work alongside the company to find ways that these duties and processes can be performed as efficiently as possible. Business coaches can also be in charge of guiding professionals in the way of self-analysis, uncovering their abilities and helping them to implement them in the interest of company growth. In this instance, the coach will be a person of vast experience in an appropriate field, who is now responsible for advising, guiding and serving as an example throughout the coaching process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that as a relatively new concept, Business Coaching can leave you with a lot of unanswered questions. So, we’ve decided to answer some of them:

Coaching is an integrated method of actions (directing, instructing and training) in the interest of improving their staff performance and developing specific skills. There are lots of methods of coaching, some of which include seminars, motivational talks, workshops and supervised practices. Generally, coaching seeks to build skills such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork and/or sales. It is also frequently used to improve personal characteristics such as interpersonal skills, leadership and assertiveness. The first purpose of coaching is to raise a person’s level of awareness so that they are more equipped to see their problems and/or goals more clearly. This is because when you are able to address what is in your way, professionally-speaking, you can better work towards growth and development. The second purpose of coaching is to motivate and get a person to take action. The coaching process aims to prepare the coachee (the person receiving the coaching) with practices and information to solve problems they may face. This, some would argue, is the main difference between coaching and teaching – the coach facilitates the mentee to learn from themselves.

This type of coaching is aimed at promoting the efficient development of internal communication and optimisation of work performance through confidence-building and an array of mutual goals. In short, it is about training employees to be involved, committed to working alongside their team, and practicing a positive attitude. We often find that this results in more effective management of any internal conflicts. Regardless of someone’s role, department or hierarchical level, the goal of Nordens business coaching is to increase the performance of all of the staff within the organisation. We find that this makes for a more conducive work environment overall. This is achieved by helping your coachees pass on these practises by continuing to train others in turn.

General planning: the coach works with the team in the stabilisation and development of strategic planning, marketing planning and promotions, financial management and general planning of administrative matters, as well as the coordination of staff.

Marketing and promotional planning: the coach helps in developing and implementing a promotional action plan/advertising plan. They may then help plan how you might coordinate with different departments to achieve this and further aid the generation of prospects for that the team to contact and network with.

Financial planning: Your coach will help you understand and interpret your company’s statements, as well as advise on effective financial management, costing strategies, growth potential etc. It is important to acknowledge that this type of planning is merely suggestion based on personal experience – your coach is not a consultant, nor tax advisor.

Execution of strategies: This is one of the most important phases. Your business coach will guide you and your team through month-to-month business strategy, meeting with you at regular intervals. This will likely be dependant on objectives discussed or issued raised at the start of your coaching.

Executive coaching is more geared at the professional behaviours and capacities of intermediate or high command roles – that is to say, it is oriented towards managers or professionals who have others under their supervision. The objective of this kind of coaching is to achieve a higher level of productivity in daily tasks, better manage work pressure and help to consolidate both personal and work spheres. It seeks to refine and update the commitment to change behaviour and the role within the company. Another advantage of Nordens’ executive coaching is the improvement in efficiency, performance and productivity of the organisation as a whole. This is because it promotes values ​​by which companies build relationships based on trust, attitudes based on responsibility and commitment based on mutual goals.

Increase employee motivation by proposing exercises that aim to achieve success in operations. In this way, a motivated worker is much more efficient.

They can improve the autonomy of your sales teams, so they can make decisions for themselves/without depending on other departments.

It allows the design of action protocols to improve the relationship with customers and their predisposition for purchase, which increases the chances of capturing the sale.

They can improve sales techniques. This often translates to a greater number of sales closures and a greater profit for the company.

They can help to reduce/better manage frustration on the part of the sales team when they do not get a sale. This maintains better team morale, and boosts the likelihood of success in future operations.