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Inamur Rashid

Inamur Rashid LLB

Client Service Co-ordinator

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I facilitate the exchange of information between our clients and our Accounts team, and the subsequent translation of that data, in order to enable an effective and seamless order of service. I also help to manage the workflow of our Accounts team, ensuring that all processes are running at an optimal level of productivity so that we’re able to continually provide an unparalleled level of service.

I ensure any concerns clients may have are resolved promptly, and I’m proud of the important role I play in ensuring the efficiency of the Accounts team.

I’m passionate about putting my wholehearted effort into everything I do. I subscribe to the idea that everything you produce is a reflection of both your work ethic and ability, and that you should always take huge pride in how you present this reflection of yourself. I enjoy the fact that the nature of my role allows me to alleviate my colleagues’ workload, for which they are always grateful.

Outside of work I enjoy playing and watching football. I visit the gym regularly and have a strong passion for the music and film industry.


Workflow management | Data translation

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