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Mitch Hahn

Mitch Hahn IFA | ASBP


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Having joined the firm in its earliest days, I’m proud to have been instrumental in its phenomenal growth. From helping to write the first chapter of the Nordens’ story, I’ve risen to my current position of Manager, overseeing Business Development with a role that focuses on introducing and nurturing new clients as we progress the firm further.

Following on from our internal achievements, I’ve applied our own strategies to benefit clients’ businesses too, ensuring their steady growth in the same vein as Nordens’. We’re passionate about helping these clients to turn their businesses around with our strategic skills and commercial acumen, elevating them to a position of strength where they’re able to achieve their goals and move forward with confidence.

As a team, we take huge pride in celebrating our clients’ and colleagues’ successes. Nordens is an incredible place to work and our fantastic staff are testament to the energy, approachability and professionalism that clients love and depend on.

Outside of work I play semi-professional football and captain the Team GB football team (double silver-medallist).


Business Development | Strategic Business Planning

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