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Contractors’ corner

Welcome to the hub for our contractor clients. This is the place where we will share tips, tricks and best practices, specifically to help contractors, freelancers and independent consultants. (From here, we’ll refer to you as a contractor.)

Being a contractor, you have specific business and accounting requirements. You want an accountant that understands automatically what you need to succeed in the business world. With more than a decade of experience, we are one of the UK’s largest specialist providers of Limited Company accountancy services to contractors. We understand what you need!

Hands on support
Contracting is the perfect solution for some people, but working for a specific company for a fixed time can bring challenges you may not have previously thought about. We can take the stress out of running your own company with our hands-on support, including a dedicated manager who will fully understand your profession and consistently take care of your business and tax affairs. And as a national specialist firms of accountants with facilities to meet all across the UK, we’ll ensure you’re never far apart.

We will set you up in the most tax efficient way to run your company and assist you step by step to grow your business. Over 1000 clients currently benefit from our guaranteed pro activeness when it comes to final tax liability, yet we treat each business individually.

When you join us, we’ll handle all your accounting paperwork and advise you on every aspect of your business decisions, including:

  • Whether to choose a limited company or PAYE umbrella, how to switch from one to the other, or which umbrella company we recommend
  • The best time for you to form a limited company
  • The implications of IR35 and, if you are within it, any benefits in trading through your own limited company
  • Setting yourself up as a limited company, the timescales involved and when you can start to pay yourself
  • The expenses you can claim and whether you can still pay yourself monthly
  • What we’ll do if you decide to go permanent
  • What insurances you need

All this and so much more! We’ll give you the peace of mind to let us focus on your business, so you can get on with what you do best!

If it’s appropriate for you, we can even set you up with our fully secure on-line bookkeeping package: NBooks. This will give you complete control of your business finances 24/7 – whether you’re out on site, at home or taking a well-earned rest on a beach somewhere! It’s tailored to meet the accounting needs of successful contractors and is totally secure and jargon-free.

Call one of our dedicated contracting team on 0208 530 0720 to discuss your needs and we’ll make sure your business is a success.

Watch this space
Our dedicated contractor support team specifically helps to deliver the perfect accountancy and business services that you need.

In the coming weeks, look out for videos, articles and webinars designed to help you improve your business skills, and choose the best ways of making and saving your money within your business.