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Raising finance

Your business is unique. You’re ready to expand it but you need an injection of cash to help you grow. Whether this is to buy stock, for marketing, property or capital equipment, finding the right source of finance can be a headache. You may not benefit from, or qualify for, ‘mainstream’ funding through traditional routes such as your bank or high street financing. Well, we like to make things simple.

Firstly, with accurate forward planning we’ll determine the amount you need to raise to achieve your business goals. Then we’ll work with you to establish the most beneficial way to raise the capital to propel your business forward. These are just a few of your options.

Crowd funding
Our strong links with crowdfunders such as Angel’s Den provide your potential investors with a high return, low risk proposition. A number of people would each contribute a small amount, which we would pool together to reach your target. Read more about crowdfunding here.

Government grants
We keep a firm handle on what the Government, EU and local authorities are offering to businesses. From Small Business Grants to more targeted large-scale projects, a grant could significantly boost your finances.

We can introduce you to investors within our trusted network of business associates who specialise in helping businesses like yours to thrive.

Traditional routes
If you prefer to take the more traditional bank loan route, we’ll introduce you to sharp, forward-thinking bank managers who know a good investment when they see one!

To see which option would suit your business best, call us for an initial chat on 020 8530 0720.